• Spring and summer in the doorway and with them a series of phenomena, diseases and irregularities among our dogs and cats.

    Most of the problems related to spring and summer (seasonal), which we deal with in the Toronto veterinary clinic, are preventable.

    On this list you can read about the main seasonal problems that come to us at the veterinary clinic in Toronto.

    1. Heat. In summer, the high temperature in Israel combined with high humidity (mainly in the coastal plain) causes the animals' body heat to rise. Their way of cooling themselves is mainly by accelerated breathing action that accompanies the release of the tongue out with an open mouth. This is called moisturizing. How we can relieve our animals in the body cooling process

    2. Comb. Maintaining a comb every day at least once will reduce the amount of hairs that will fall out and thinning the density of hairs that prevent heat dissipation through the body's surface area.

    3. Haircut. Dogs with long / dense fur (Spitz dogs: Smoyd, Casehound, Siberian Huskies, etc. Poodles, Golden Retriever and more) and long-skinned cats (angora, prizes, Himalayas, Maine Coon, etc.) are recommended for haircut in a hairdresser by a professional book.

    4. Air conditioner and fan. Try to give our pets the air conditioner or fan pleasures. It will help them cool their bodies during heat and after activity.

    5. Ice in water. One of the simplest and most effective actions is to actually "put the cold" into the animal's body, helping it to cool down more easily during the heat load.

    6. Shade / kennel. The sun in Canada is slightly south, so in the peak hours of the heat from a doorway with the doorway south it will be warmer than a hotel with the doorway north, east and south.

    7. Do Not Forget  Dogs must not be left in the car !!! The heat in a closed car on a hot day can reach 100 degrees Celsius in minutes! Which will soon lead to heatstroke and immediate danger of life.

    8. Running with the dog. There are breeds more or less suited to running in heat conditions but I recommend not to run with the dog during the hot hours of the day. The early hours of the morning are more appropriate and if you still can't give up running with our friend at four, don't forget to provide plenty of fresh water for your dog before, during and after the run.

    9. Sea and dogs. Entering the ocean will help dogs cool their bodies on a hot day, but keep in mind that these tend to play with their dog friends without interruption, which will result in increased body heat and the risk of heat shock. Burns are also caused by walking on boiling asphalt. Avoid contact with asphalt on a hot summer day (grass will be excellent in this case).

    10. Dog Ramps - If you have an old dog, wandering around the house may be a little difficult for him. That's why you need  to buy him  a dog ramps especially if you have stairs at home. Try to buy a high quality ramp - if you can find here a list of great dog ramps. 

    Dogs are very curious about jellyfish, it is highly recommended to keep them away from the jellyfish drifting to the sand because they like to touch them with their mouth and burn. In this case, the dog's mouth should be rinsed with water and checked by a veterinarian.

    After bathing in the sea, the salt remains on the dog's fur, in these cases enough to rinse the salt with only water no soap needed. If using soap, it should be taken into account that there are certain flea preparations that can only be put on the dog after 48 hours after the shower.


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